With over 35 years of international logistics experience,
AMCO as a packaging supplier  has handled the majority of the packaging types available in today’s market.

As a packaging supplier we are highly customer focused maintaining exceptional service levels and are responsive to all customer packaging requirements.

Our clients dissatisfied with packaging support from other vendors are constantly asking for us to supply packaging. This was the inspiration for us to fill a gap in the market and form our specialist packaging division offering an experienced and professional approach.

Our vision is to offer clients the ability to source packaging and logistics services under one structure. We have a competitive advantage over traditional packaging suppliers as we are experts in both transport and packaging solutions and all the advantages this brings.  Whether a customer wants just the packaging supply or a full end to end supply chain solution we can deliver.

From standard plastic boxes to metal roll cages and stillages to bespoke corrugated solutions we can design and re-engineer both new and current packaging to offer the most cost effective and robust solutions.  Our experience of sourcing and manufacturing all types of packaging means we can cater for all your requirements.

We pride ourselves on being a solutions provider in all areas so if your needs stretch further than just the supply of packaging we are best placed to combine our vast experience of warehousing and logistics to offer you a full end to end supply chain solution including returnable packaging loops.  With locations throughout Europe and Asia we can help deliver your packaging requirements across the globe.

Examples of packaging solutions we can provide:

  • Bespoke & Standard Pallets of all material types
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Bespoke & Standard Metal, Wood and Plastic Containers
  • Packaging Inserts & Dunnage
  • Vacuum Formed Trays
  • Warehouse Handling Equipment
  • Roll Cages and Stock Trolleys
  • Foam Packaging
  • Textile Packaging
  • Post Pallets
  • Pallet Solutions
  • Repair and Refurbishment
  • Product & Packaging Rework / Repacking Service
  • Design & Prototype Service

One of our key strengths and USP’s is that we offer the customer exactly what they need, not what we sell. We have the ability to provide fully tailored packaging solutions made to measure for the products you are moving. Our design and development team can provide innovative solutions to both current and new packaging projects.

As your packaging supllier we can offer the most cost effective solutions whether it be cardboard, plastic, wood or metal packaging.

We have recently developed packaging solutions for:

  • One way cardboard pallet boxes (heavy duty export)
  • Automotive standard & bespoke metal stillages
  • Environmentally friendly material substitutes (Biodegradable)
  • Automotive returnable packaging loop across Europe / UK
  • In-house unique design of reusable cooling boxes for automotive use
  • Supplied 3 sided demountable roll cages to National Distribution network
  • Supply to Chinese tool makers shipping prototype parts back to UK

Whether it be purely the supply of packaging or supply and assembly we can deliver the solution across the UK and Rest of the World. Many of our customer use our packaging for export purposes as well as UK & European movements.  We have also supplied and managed the packing of products coming from Asia back to the UK.

CONTACT US TODAY: +44 1905 758000